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Design Philosophy

I have always believed that design facilitates the continuation of life and reflects who we are, what we want to accomplish, and what value. Our perceptions and motivations are processed and perceived in response to the environments, behaviors, and interactions that occur within our lives. Industrial Design is the application of collective expressions and actions in the pursuit of solutions to complex, interconnected problems. It is reactive and reflective: design is meant to be innovative and conscious to adapt to various interpretations and actions that reinforce inequality within our social systems and environments.


I graduated from the University of Buffalo BS in Industrial Design Studies as a special major candidate, BA in Studio Art, and a minor in Industrial Engineering. As a McNair Fellow, my research is grounded in historical narratives and design theory to understand social, political, built environments better, and culture through visual and graphic storytelling. I have assisted in creating exhibition, educational, and curatorial materials for cultural institutions such as University at Buffalo Art Galleries and Silver Eye Center for Photography. As a practicing artist, I focus on the experiences of Black culture and community through historical and personal narratives, built and natural environments, the passage of time, and loss/grief.  


  • Storytelling and Narrative Building

  • Information/research synthesis

  • Visual design and communication

  • Documentation

  • Product Strategy + Problem-Solving

  • Project Management


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