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Theoretical Identity Design

4US Voting Campaign Identity Guide

This are the opening words of my theoretical voting rights design project, 4US. The 4US Identity Guide is a 64 pg document that outlines a the identity design for a theoretical voting rights and advocacy campaign that focuses on the minority

demographics (such as Black, Indigenous Immigrant, etc..) in

anticipation for the November 2020 presidential election.


The identity guide outlines the graphic, photographic and copy styles for the campaign as well as apparel, environments, and web based rendering about what the brand would look like in the environment and why I made specific design decisions.


I chose to complete the identity guide around voting for disadvantaged populations because I felt like there was not a voting campaign that also had resources for disenfranchised voters such as those who may not be eligible to vote due to

citizenship, legal charges, etc. But can still aid in the drive in equitable civil rights and voter participation.

View the full Identity Guide here

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