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Each project includes a case study of the iterative design that went into each project and a justification of all major design and content decisions. 


Content Development and Management: 
Silver Eye Gallery Guide on Bloomberg Connects

Utilizing content management processes to oversee the development and launch of a mobile exhibition guide for Silver Eye Center for Photography, hosted on the Bloomberg Connects application, developed by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Bloomberg Connects a mobile culture guide, keeping you updated on the exhibitions and events of galleries, museums, and creative institutions and organizations worldwide 

Curation and Artistic Practice


Design thinking should be used as a way to find an artistic solution to a problem. The process of curating and creating works can take any form; from researching a subject matter, through prototyping and iteration, to testing and implementation. I use art and critical theory, historical precedent, and documentation to aide in selecting and refining your ideas. 

TCS Youtube video pic_edited.jpg
Art Curation

Silver Eye Benefit Auction 2022

The client brief was to create a contemporary, sleek, but bold mark that would work across the vast number and potential uses of the organization. Through the use of a visual identity system, the organization's brand will better communicate its community-based values and mission to the public. 

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