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Design Process

My Design Process

How do I appraoch a probelm? I rely on 8 main processes for defining a problem and working towards a user-centered solution. 

Ask Questions

Talk with me about your ideas and goals and we will work together to create a design brief that will serve as the framework for the project

Consult the User

Ask the user's what they need and why. Ask what is important to the user and refine your ideas to complement their needs..

Define the Problem

Describing the problem we are trying to solve and identifying concrete steps towards developing a solution using research and design precedent


How can we create an effective design that has a strong emphasis on the benefits of the service while communicating the benefits effectively?

Mid Project Evaluations

How does the current work we are completing align with predefined goals and metrics of success?

User Testing and Feedback

Engaging with potential users and clients with a prototype to identify 

problems that users have to gain insight into how to fix them.

Project Distribution

Integrating the final design into your business and industry through discourse community-specific practices for information sharing

Post PRoject Evaluation and Documentation

Documenting the project and end of project recommendations for the next steps.

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